“When I decided to transfer to the University of Georgia, Athens, I knew I needed help. Christine assisted me with all of the small details and my transfer went perfectly! Thanks, Christine!”         Justin Bourn, class of 2015


Ready to Transfer? Christine at My Best College Plan can help you research schools, majors and minors, analyze which of your credits will transfer, find merit aid, and help you complete the FAFSA.

The path of a transfer student differs slightly from that of a high school senior. When transferring into a four year school or moving on from a community college, students face unique hurdles and challenges, especially here in California. Here are a few tips to help you start the process:

  • Step one: start exploring your four year schools early on, like in your first or second semester. 
  • Typically, schools require a minimum of credits to transfer.
  • Schools have different criteria regarding credits and grades earned. Not all schools will give credit for courses in which you earned a “C.” For more info, check out this site for CA schools: www.cpec.ca.gov/OnLineData/TransferPathway.asp
  • Be a standout. You will need recommendations from professors.
  • Special circumstances: Athletes may have a harder time moving from one school to another.

With so much on your transfer to-do list, you need help! My Best College Plan has all of the resources to help you navigate the transfer process smoothly and find success!