Keep track of your to-do list starting freshman year.  Planning ahead is key!


The College Application Process:     

Senior Year: In these meetings, we will focus on effective time management, pour over every detail of your applications, prep for standardized tests, edit and refine your essays, plan college visits, prepare for interviews, weigh the pros and cons of Early Action and Early Decision, create a scholarship portfolio if desired, and polish your special talent resume/portfolio.

Junior Year: Junior year preparation is pivotal for students who want to have the most choices and best outcome. In these meetings, I offer an individualized approach to the admissions process. Work can include: SAT/ACT preparation, creating a list of 10 potential “best fit” schools for you, reviewing the Common Application/ school application and the overall application process, selecting a major, preparation for your application essays, identifying teachers for recommendations, and creating a plan for summer (unofficial visits, special classes, special camps, work, etc). For student athletes, I will help you update your sports resume and contact coaches, evaluate camp options, and look at how to maximize showcasing your talent.

Sophomore and Freshman Years: Contrary to popular belief, there is much to do during the freshman and sophomore years, especially for athletes who hope to play a Division I or Division III team sport, artists looking to build a portfolio, and students with a special interest like robotics, environmentalism, or programming. Sophomore year is the perfect time to consider college choice, take the PSAT (if you have not done so already), study for the SAT/ACT, enroll in summer enrichment classes, create a resume, visit schools, and expand your personal interests.  Sophomore athletes should be hard at work reaching out to coaches and attending camps.  Freshman year is the right time to think about what you enjoy doing most and look for opportunities to grow, start a portfolio, volunteer, and try new things like art or music.

And, it may sound crazy, but college planning really starts in junior high.  The classes you choose in junior high affect your class schedule in high school.  The junior high years may also be a time to begin specializing in your favorite activity or sport.  Did you know that students can take the PSAT as early as 7th grade?  If they do well, they may be eligible for some prestigious summer camps.  Finally, parents would be wise to learn about how colleges evaluate assets and financial need.  The sooner you know how the system works, the better prepared you will be during the critical junior-senior “base year.”

Please note that this is a general timeline and describes what most students can expect to work on during their four years in high school.  However, for some students, especially serious athletes, the timeline will be accelerated.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, Christine, for helping me with my college applications and soccer recruiting. I could not have done it without you! I love Humboldt!” Alan C. 2018