Joyce B.
Things have sure changed since I went to college 30 years ago. As a parent it was overwhelming trying to figure out where to start. How many schools should we apply to? How do we choose which ones?  And so many deadlines, SAT, ACT, applications, letters of recommendations etc…You want your child to have the very best opportunity at a successful college experience and that begins with finding the right fit in a college. We found Christine Luksza-Paravicini and could not have been more pleased.  She held our hand through the process and also stayed in close touch with our son to make sure he was on track with his essays, testing dates,  and everything else he needed to do.  She went over his essays several times until she and our son felt like they were perfect.  Our son applied to 12 schools and got into 11, most with great  scholarships. You are going to spend so much money on your child’s education, it’s worth investing in the foundation. We highly recommend Christine!

Laura and John C.
Christine with My Best College Plan was absolutely invaluable, shepherding  our daughter and our family through a complicated and overwhelming process. She took the time for thoughtful consideration of our daughter’s strengths and abilities, and provided us with personalized information beyond the facts and figures that can define colleges and universities. We are thrilled that Aubrey will attend Brown University, Class of 2020!  We are excited to sign-up for this excellent service for our younger daughter, and I simply could not recommend Christine more highly!

Akhil K.
And really, truly, thanks again for all the help. I really doubt I would have gotten through this as relatively stress-less-ly as I did without your help, Christine. Thank you.
– Akhil

Christine Luksza-Paravicini, is knowledgeable, friendly, and punctual. As a senior in high school, I had absolutely no idea about the college admissions process, let alone what schools were right for me. With the help of Christine, I was able to successfully navigate the many ins-and-outs of the Common App, as well as the ever-dreaded essays that go along with it. Christine was always available via phone or email whenever I had a question, and their willingness to insert me into their schedule was always helpful. Even when working on application by myself, I felt confident because of all that she had taught me, and took comfort in the fact that if I needed help all of a sudden, it was just a phone call away. Christine was always on the lookout for colleges that were the right fit for me as a student, and as a result I have been accepted into my top college, which is the perfect fit for me. Without the guidance of Christine, I would have been lost in all of the chaos of the college application season. Highly recommended.

Mary Lou R.  

Christine’s patience and knowledge were invaluable throughout the entire college admissions process.  She was truly invested in my daughter’s success and helped her find the university that was right for her.   She helped us meander the entire college application and admissions process, which can be overwhelming at times.  Without her expertise I doubt my daughter would be going to Brown University in the fall.  Thank you, Christine!

Yijie and Howard S.
We felt overwhelmed by the process in the beginning. We appreciate Christine guiding us during the admissions process. She promptly gave us valuable advice and recommendations. I highly recommend her.  Our son loves Harvey Mudd!

Deb Dalton, Executive Director Mentor Me Petaluma

I have worked with Christine for the past three years and have been in awe not only of her breadth of knowledge, but of her organizational skills and ability to communicate so well with students.

Michelle K., Executive Coach, Malaga, SPAIN

Our work with Christine Paravicini made applying for colleges much less stressful. We were grateful to have her expertise both in the admissions process and in the area of collegiate sports. Christine´s work with Roberto resulted in his acceptance to several colleges, all of which have first division soccer teams. She delivered beyond our expectations in terms of efficiency and finding the best fit for Roberto. I don´t think we could have done it without her.

What we appreciated most about working with Christine was her ability to focus on what was most important, keep Roberto on track, and deliver the expected results.

Barbara C. (Daughter will attend Cal Poly SLO)

Thank you so much for your assistance. Your knowledge really helped us out. You have a great personality for both parents and teenagers. It was very easy and pleasant to work with you. We will refer you if someone is looking for someone who will go the distance!


Marali P. – St. Louis University’s Medical Scholars Program

Hi Christine,
I absolutely love it here. Yes it is different from California but I think this change in setting was great. The program is not too bad, it can be stressful but it is a good way to get ahead for med school. The classes are going great and as of now I’m expecting all As for the semester 🙂  Thank you for all of your help!!


Sanjay G.
The guidance of Ms. Christine was so smooth and helpful that, to our surprise, our son got admission in a top-rated business school 9 days after submission of his application. Ms. Christine helped us to shortlist the 10 best universities out of thousands universities in the USA, find out the requirements of those universities, edited essays to impress admission counselors and checked applications before submission to universities. I have already recommended Ms. Christine to some of my friends and I recommend to everybody who reads this post to use the services of Ms. Christine. Sanjay Guar, CFO Gulf Electronic Tawasul, Kuwait

Justin B.  

When I decided to transfer to the University of Georgia, Athens, I knew I needed help.  Christine helped me with all of the small details and my transfer went perfectly!  Thanks, Christine!

I just wanted to say thank you again. Sunshine and I are at LSU- she moved in the dorms Sunday and classes start Monday.

Alan C.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Christine, for helping me with my college applications and soccer recruiting. I could not have done it without you! I love Humboldt!”